We had the chance to meet up with the members of Froth, before their concert at Le Trabendo, as part of the soirée organised by New Noise Magazine. Froth are set to release their next album Outside (briefly) on Witchita Recordings, February 24th 2017. They’ve released a video clip for the single, « Contact » which expresses a newly defined, dynamic evolution of sound.

Welcome! When did you guys arrive in Paris?

JooJoo : We flew in three days ago and we got to do a bunch of stuff and see people we know. We DJed at Le Motel and they went to see the Eiffel Tower. Drank beer and hung out with friends!

Jeremy : We’re on a little promo tour for our next album, which comes out February 10th 2017. We went to South Africa to play a festival last week and since we were already flying through Europe, we decided to play some press shows before the album comes out.

Tell us about Froth.

JooJoo : Hi I’m JooJoo, I sing and play guitar. I’d say our music is like « drivey, » sad music. There’s a regular drum beat going on in every song, and it’s pretty sad.

Nicholas : I’m Nicholas, I play guitar.

Cameron : I’m Cameron, I play drums.

Jeremy: I’m Jeremy, I play bass. We started the band in 2012, JooJoo is actually the only original member. He had only played guitar for maybe 6 months, I had only been playing bass for a month, and the other guys didn’t really have any idea of what they were doing. We were just playing for fun, it was really bad for a while (laughs). Cameron joined a year later, and that’s when the band started becoming more serious. He had been playing drums for a long time, so he helped tighten it all up. JooJoo and Nick are from Los Angeles, Cameron is from Orange County, and I’m from Florida. We released our first album as a cassette in 2013 and we still didn’t know what we were doing with those songs.

What can we expect for the next album Outside (briefly), which comes out February 10th ? 

JooJoo : In my opinion, the next album is more digestible. It’s the first thing that we’re doing that my dad likes (laughs). The songs make more sense. Before, we were more of a « vibe » band. Now I think that we have some pretty good songs.

Jeremy : It’s less noisy than the previous two albums. There’s not as much covering up of each song. There’s some experimenting with other instruments besides guitar, drum and bass. We recorded with some synths, cello, and cooler percussion and just weirder sounds.

Where does the name Outside (briefly) come from ?

JooJoo : That comes from a Richard Brautigan book called The Abortion. Outside (briefly) is the name of a chapter in this book.

According to the brief, there’s more « experimental song-writing, » what does that entail?

JooJoo : For me, there’s not too much going on in my life, besides being in a band. It’s kind of hard to come up with good material to write about, like autobiographically. So I find inspiration from certain authors that I like, and I write about other people.

In what context was this album created? 

JooJoo : We weren’t really touring a lot, I had just been making a lot of songs at home. That’s all I’ve been focusing on this past year. The first album was recorded in a really professional studio that belonged to a friend of ours. Then the next two were recorded in more a DIY studio. We worked with our friend Thomas Dolas, who just built a studio in LA. He had briefly played drums with us when we were first beginning. He was part of the label that first put us out (Lolipop Records). He’s had a lot of involvement with our band and he’s also just one of our best friends. He also engineered on the most recent Allah-Las record. He’s super creative and really great to work with!

Who are your main musical influences?

JooJoo : It really differs between all of us. As of lately, I’ve really been into Elliott Smith and I’ve been listening to a lot of techno music. Cameron really likes The Strokes and a lot of synth pop stuff. Jeremy really likes New Order and a lot of post-punk and synth music.

Nicholas : I can go from Neu! to Bob Dylan, but I take what I like and I sort of use it for my own.

Jeremy : We’re all really stoked to be playing with Preoccupations tonight! I think they’re one of the better new bands that are out now.

What is the best take away for your guys, in being a band but also really good friends? 

JooJoo : I really don’t know what to do with myself besides playing music.

Jeremy : I really like meeting people everywhere and discovering new bands that are unknown. A lot of my favorite bands are bands that we play. We’re not a big band by any means, but having the opportunity to play in places like South Africa is just mind-blowing for all of us. There were some really cool bands there, such as BCUC. We were in Cape Town, which has a pretty small scene for that kind of music, but there were some great bands that we had never heard of. We played there with the UK band The KVB, who were really cool.

Plans for the future ?

JooJoo : Hopefully tour a lot and put out another record, if we can figure out how (laughs).

Jeremy : Just keep making better records, that’s the plan!


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