In the lobby of the Paradise Hostel in Paris, we got acquainted with Evangeline. This 21 year old Australian, famously known for the song « My Kingdom » remixed by William Black, is heard on every radio station in France and in many other countries around the world.

Here is our encounter with an artist so full of energy and positive vibes, who lives in the moment and exerts happiness.

Is this your first time in Paris? 

No, it’s my second time, but the first time I was a child and it was only for three days, I don’t really remember much, so this my first real time where I can appreciate the city… even if it’s behind the window of a car (laughs). But Paris is really easy to appreciate because you just have to walk down the street, turn your head and you have beautiful architecture everywhere. The culture is so cool here.

Do you have time to visit a bit? 

I have got a day off! I will certainly go to the Eiffel Tower. But I’m actually the one making my schedule busy. People ask me all the time if I want a day to chill out and I always say « no » because it’s not really work for me, it’s fun, it’s like a dream comes true. The way I see this, there will be  plenty more Paris trip and I’m just lucky now to have the possibility to travel for my work.

When the suns greyish glare is just toooooo real

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Where do you come from in Australia ? 

I come from Melbourne, it’s an amazing city where the weather is a bit weird, because you can have sun in the morning then a thunderstorm at lunch. But what I really like in this city is the mix of cultures, you can always feel kind of at home. I love living there! And Melbourne is becoming a big night time music scene, so it’s really cool.

When did you start playing music ? 

I was five or six years old, I was watching TV and I said to my parents, « I want to be a dancer, an actor and a singer, » (laughs). I just wanted to do it all. So I started doing piano, small gigs. In high school I was studying paramedecine, but I never fit in, and school was not working for me.  I just wanted to learn from experience and I’m actually still like that. So even with school, I continued to do some gigs on the week-end and one day I was playing in a small festival in the country side, and my dad turned around to me and said, « why don’t you just study music full time? » So it’s what I did!

That’s unusual to hear that from a parent! 

I’m so lucky to have such a supportive family ! For them, I’m young, I can make mistakes, come back to school if I want to. They always say, « do what makes you happy. If you’re good at it, you will succeed. If it doesn’t work, find something else! » A lot of parents are not necessary like that.

Are they proud now ? 

Yeah, one hundred percent! They call me everyday to know about my trip. It’s so weird how quickly it happened. I just put out two songs in my life and now I’m here!  It’s funny because there is nothing that can prepare you for the business side of music.  You can study it as long as you want, but you are never fully prepared. It’s really crazy, but everyday is amazing and I really enjoy every piece of it.

Sharing my love of pizza with my number 1 papa🍺🍕

Une photo publiée par ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Evangeline Music Official (@evangelinemusic) le

You seem so full of energy and smily, but I read somewhere that you love writing sad songs. What a paradoxe ! 

I know, no one gets it. I guess I’m just really weird! Even if I’m a positive person, I’m so emotional! I love turning a happy song into a sad song, that’s my thing! (laughs) More seriously, I think I love writing songs that have an impact on people. When you listen to a sad song, you get the impression that someone put your sadness in words, you are not the only one to feel those emotions and it feels kind of good even if the song is sad. Music is a universal language so sometimes when you listen a song, and it touches you, you feel less alone in the world. I don’t write a song to create a classic hit that will last fifty years. I don’t write a song for the whole world, I prefer to write a song that will be the whole world to someone.

Do you remember the time that William Black asked you for the remix ? 

Actually William and I have been friends on Soundcloud, we followed each other, and he just asked me if he could make a remix of my sound, and I say yes. We don’t even discuss how it could happen. I remembered when the views started to go up,  I was just watching the number increase on Youtube. I was refreshing the page every ten minutes and I answered to every one who commented (laughs). I was in a very bad retail job at this moment, so that remix  really changed everything and William did such a great job on it.

Do you still respond to the comments ? 

Yes! I like responding. I know what it’s like to write to an artist and it’s always frustrating when you know that you never will never have any answer. For me, I’m so not cool that I never write back to anyone! If someone appreciates my music enough to put energy into a comment, they deserve a response! I will be doing that as long as I can! I’m just thanking everyone all the time! The press, because you’re helping me to put my words out, Polydor because it’s helping me to put my songs out and everyone because they are listening and sharing my music !


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It will take a long time if you need to thank every person! 

Yes that’s true! I decided to walk on the street and to say thank you to everyone as soon as I hear the song on the radio. And maybe do an Oscar pitch with some tears ! (laughs) I’m just kidding.

What are your plans now ? 

Keep writing. I write really quickly, it’s so addictive and I can’t wait to present all the songs on stage!  I will try to put as many happy songs as sad songs in the album to not have a depressing album, promise! (laughs) And of course, I will continue to enjoy every moment !

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